“This stuff works!”

By Johnathan Martine
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This product works as suggested in the advertisements. I am a bodyworkers and work long days with clients. It is necessary to not only stay fresh all day but not wear strong smelling fragrances. This deodorant does both- I stay dry and neutral smelling all day and the added bonus of natural ingredients is a comfort. No aluminum or other chemicals that damage the brain. The only adjustment was figuring out how to get the glide on application to glide on in cooler temperatures since winters are cold here in Colorado. I contacted Nikki- great customer service- and received a quick reply and a helpful tip to hold the stick against my skin to warm it before gliding. It works! Thanks Nikki for the clean, natural and dependable product.

“This is the best deodorant I have ever used.” 

By Kori
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This is the best deodorant I have ever used! A lot of natural deodorants don’t work and leave a chalky or other residue. This product works – no smell no sweat stains and it doesn’t leave a residue. It is even strong enough for my boyfriend! Couldn’t be happier with – I am fully converted after trying pretty much every natural deodorant on the market this is the absolute best!

“Best natural deodorant out there.”

By Txsparky
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Best natural deodorant out there. Have tried numerous other ones including the crystal brand and this one works best by far

“Quality ingredients.”

By M. Holleger
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I’ve tried many natural deodorants; some are ok while others don’t adequately control odor … some have an overpowering scent of their own. Nikki Narurally both controls odor AND has a light refreshing scent. Some can be hard to apply as you have to wet them etc. This one glides on smoothly after holding it to your body briefly to warm up.

“I absolutely love this deodorant!”

By Kimberly
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I am a natural health teacher, and I absolutely love this deodorant!! I Plan on recommending to others!!
I’ve tried all kinds of clean deodorants and this one tops them all and lasts all day.

“The BEST Natural deodorant!”

By D. Gomez
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We have bought every type of natural deodorant. We absolutely LOVE this one! My son much prefers the way this glides on, and says it does the job even after a long day of running around. I love how it is also very beneficial for your skin and your body. I can also tell that it will last much much longer than the average stick, what great value! Very happy! Fantastic product!

“Very good deodorant. I am allergic to most deodorants.”

By Mr. Gene
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Very good deodorant. I am allergic to most deodorants but not to this one. Easy on and keeps you dry for about eight hours. I recommend.

“Five Stars!”

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Great product. The feel going on isn’t great but it works great and is chemical free! Love that!