Nikki’s Story

Nikki isn’t like other personal care & natural beauty entrepreneurs. She isn’t a Doctor or an Esthetician and definitely not an Actor. Nikki is a Certified Advanced Rolfer. She has been practicing alternative medicine for 14 years. Nikki wanted to find an alternative to commercial antiperspirants because of “breast cancer risk.” Even though there isn’t conclusive evidence that Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s or commercial antiperspirants cause cancer, Nikki lives by the adage “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“Coming from a holistic profession, my experience has shown me it is easier to prevent disease than to cure it.”

Having tried all of the natural, chemical and alternative deodorants out there Nikki could not find a product that worked. Conventional antiperspirants wouldn’t wash off in the shower. Natural deodorants lasted a merely 20 minutes. Facing a frustrating and smelly problem, Nikki started researching different recipes online. “I learned that it is very unhealthy to clog the natural moisture flow of sweating. Also, that the lymph system of the breasts are located in the armpits. Using baking soda is sometimes irritating, causing rashes and is not pH balanced for human skin.

All of the research unearthed the solution that essential oils kill germs and that body butters regenerate the skin at a cellular level. With this newly found understanding, Nikki created a proprietary blend of three moisture-wicking ingredients and a blend of butters that feed the skin that now make up Nikki Naturally stick deodorant.